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Why Groups?

We were created for relationships with others. Simply put, life is better together. Groups are one of the main ways we as a church connect with others, belong to a community, and grow in following Christ. Groups are where we learn to follow Jesus by connecting to His Word, His Spirit, and His people. In Groups, honest questions are asked, faith is stirred and challenged, brothers and sisters are found, and friends become spiritual family. 
No matter what stage or season of life you are in, there’s a group for you to connect with. 

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Connect Groups

Connect Groups at Bethlehem Church are the initial step to connect with church life and ministry while building relationships. They are formed around life stages (men's, women's, marriage, and co-ed) and meet in homes, coffee shops, and our church campuses. These Groups focus on sharing life, discussing weekend messages, studying God's Word, and applying biblical teachings.

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Care & Mentor Groups

When seeking guidance in your faith journey or during life's struggles, Care & Mentor Groups offer support based on specific needs. Whether you are looking for a mentor, marriage help, recovery from life-controlling issues, or help during grief, we're here to connect you with the appropriate Group.

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Discovery Bible Study Groups

Discovery Bible Study Groups are designed for collective Bible study. The approach is "Discovery" based, where participants read the Bible independently, answer observation questions, and let the Holy Spirit draw conclusions. These Groups emphasize obedience and putting learning into action.

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Lead a Group

Group leadership is a meaningful call to love, lead, encourage, and pray for others, fostering connections and growth at Bethlehem Church. It's an opportunity to witness Jesus' transformative work in the lives of others. 
Whether you already have a group of friends you are leading or want to meet new friends, the church will support and walk beside you on this journey.
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More About Groups


Most groups begin with the start of the Spring and Fall Semesters, but some stay open year-round.

There are a variety of groups for different ages and stages of life. Also, there are groups for different seasons or needs in life. There is a group for you!

When you sign up, the leader of your new group will contact you with the address of the group’s meeting place, the date and time you will be starting, and all the information you need to have a great experience!

Many groups have childcare in the home in which they meet; check for groups that offer childcare. Also, as needed, we offer a childcare supplement for each group meeting you participate in. Click HERE to request a childcare supplement after you attend a group meeting.

Life's Better Together