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Community groups are the way that our big church becomes small. Knowing others and being known at Bethlehem Church starts in a group.
Groups are a vital part of our life and ministry at Bethlehem Church. And our hope is that you find a place to connect and grow no matter what stage or season of life you’re in. We offer a variety of groups with various topics of discussion each semester. Get connected to a group today!

Semester Groups

We have a variety of groups for you to connect in-person with other members of our Bethlehem Church community, and to grow in your relationship with Christ.

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Care Groups

Whether you are a couple looking to refine your marriage or someone looking to heal or grow in a particular area of life, Bethlehem Church care groups can help you take the next step. 

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More About Groups

Life's Better Together

What are Groups at Bethlehem Church?

We were created for relationships with others. At some level, we all know that being connected makes life better. Groups provide an avenue to connect with others, belong to a community, and grow in following Christ.

Our groups are open for all people and meet at different days and times of the week and also meet at different locations surrounding our three campuses.

Groups are typically made up of anywhere between 5-16 people who commit to building community with one another and taking steps in their spiritual journey. Groups discuss what God’s word has to say about life and do this in different ways. Some groups will dig deeper into the weekend message, others will discuss certain biblical topics or needs in life and some will meet around a shared interest.


Signups Begin: January 22
Groups Begin: The week of February 19 and end the week of May 14.

There are a variety of groups for different ages and stages of life. Also, there are groups for different seasons or needs in life. There is a group for you!

When you sign up, the leader of your new group will contact you with the address of the group’s meeting place, the date and time you will be starting, and all the information you need to have a great experience!

Many groups have childcare in the home in which they meet; check for groups that offer childcare. Also, we offer a childcare reimbursement/supplement for each group meeting that you participate in and need to hire a sitter for. Click HERE to submit a childcare reimbursement request after you attend a group meeting.