Discovery Bible Study

A simple set of questions to encounter and apply the truth of God’s word.

In this week’s Beyond Sunday Podcast, our Discipleship Team got the chance to share about a resource that is being used around the globe to multiply disciples. Discovery Bible Study is a simple set of questions to encounter and apply the truth of God’s word in a group setting. The aim of Discovery Bible Study is to let the text teach, and the Holy Spirit draw the conclusion. We have found the questions to be helpful in personal study but particularly unique as members of a group read and study the word of God together.

We hope this is a help for you as you study through the Bible.

Each week, as your group gathers together, you can ask some version of seven questions, starting with these three: 

  1. What are you thankful for in the past week?
  2. What has challenged you or stressed you out over the past week?
  3. Is there anything this group can do to help with those challenges or stresses, or is there any other need we can meet?

This may be a good place to stop and pray, giving thanks and asking for God’s help with any of the struggles.

In addition to these questions, before you read the new passage for the week, you can review last week’s passage & ask if everyone did what they said they were going to do and shared with whom they said they would share with. Doing this keeps everyone accountable for OBEYING & SHARING.

At this point, as a group, you will read the current week’s passage of Scripture out loud.

If time permits, have someone else read it out loud in a different, more literal translation.

Then, have one or two people in the group retell the scripture in their own words. 

Now, you will ask the next four questions: 

  1. What does this passage teach you about God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, or His plan?
  2. What does this passage teach you about People/You?
  3. What should you do this week in response to this passage? Is there anything to obey?
  4. Who can you share with this week?

We hope this is helpful.

Please email us at if you have any questions or if you would like to find a group walking through a Discover Bible Study.

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