Everybody wants their life to count.

On some level, we have all been told that our life has meaning and purpose, but sometimes we struggle to believe it really does. Frustrated, frantic, disappointed, discouraged, and discontented are words we are more familiar with than purpose, meaning, and significance.

As you follow along with the sermon series, our staff has put together additional resources that will help reinforce the significance and purpose of your life, and that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

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We were created by God with emotions, and we see many characters in the bible who dealt with extreme emotions. Jeremiah, for example, was known as the weeping prophet. We read in Lamentations 2:10 that he says...


Three Questions to Cultivate Contentment in a Discontent World

Have you ever gotten to a place in life you were really excited about, only to find yourself dreaming for the next thing? Whether it be a vacation, a new car, a job, a relationships...


Mental Health

As a young kid growing up in the 80s, I believed that a person’s physical health was more important than their mental health. No one told me that directly, but there was this heavy stigma attached to mental illness...


Life in the Gap

I’ve heard this about ten thousand times in my life, mostly from well-meaning Christians trying to be encouraging. As if to say, of course, it will get better, of course, God will give you these good things; He loves you, doesn’t He?...


3 Things Your Purpose is Not

Purpose is a word that packs a lot of punch. Most of us know God put us here for a purpose, but figuring out what that is can cause a lot of pressure. How do we know what we are meant to do? For a lot of us, there is this low simmering boil...


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